Reasons Why a Dressmaker’s Dummy is a Must Have

At this point of time, we need to fit in the world full of complexities even with our sewing life. If we want our design to have an impressive output, we can use a number of accessories that are already available in the market. One of the most inevitable “must-haves” is a dressmakers dummy. But, what is it in such accessory that almost all designers need?

We can freely pick a scarf and begin to dress it. In that way, we can be more flexible to exercise and develop our skills. We can never be a perfect designer, but we can be the best designer ever.


We can place our clothes there. We can prepare our clothes a day before we will use it so that we will not be late with our appointments. Plus, we can make our dressing routine more fun and exciting.

It makes measuring easier because it is shaped that of a human. Plus, most of the dummies are formed out of a models’ body. It means that we don’t need to wait for an actual model to get the measurement of the garments we are designing. We can start immediately without a hassle.

We can dress it up and find out whether it is pleasing to the eyes or not. It may be beneficial to all home-sewers especially those who are working alone, since no assistant is already required. It will be easier for us to fit garments with a dummy. We can also fabricate our design on it.

5.It resembles the human body, thus, it is easier to make some adjustments.We need not to ask another person to assist us. Besides, it will not be too dangerous. We can continue sewing even if the garment is hung at the dummy. It is very useful for dressmaking courses.


There are more benefits that we could obtain from using a dummy. It can be handier, which means that we can use it anywhere we want. We can use it not just for our profession, but also for our hobby. In fact, it is not too expensive.