Whether Purchasing Clenbuterol in Mexico is Legal

Several people have been curious about the weight loss drug Clenbuterol, which is also known as Clen. They have also been wondering how it works. You might want additional information about this drug. You would like to know what it is along with what it does. Above all, you would be interested in knowing if it has been legal. When people hear about Clenbuterol is available OTC in Mexico, they would become curious and might be little concerned as well. In case, Clenbuterol is not legal in the US, would it be okay to purchase it from Mexico? Has Clen been made available to Mexicans?

Purchasing Clen from Mexico

Let us begin with the last part, whether Clenbuterol has been legal in US. A short answer would be yes, as it has been made legal in the US. Despite it not being approved by the FDA for human usage in the US, it has not been deemed an illegal drug. You could buy it legally from researchers in research Clenbuterol chemical form. However, do not let that deter you. Clen has been widely used in various countries of Europe and Latin America as a bronchodilator for asthma sufferers.

Clen has been deemed similar to ephedrine, but it has been more potent. There have been several drugs that have been used effectively and safely in other developed countries such as UK that have not been approved for use in the US. This has been for several reasons, but not necessarily for issues of safety. Merely because a drug has not been used in the US does not imply that it does not work or has not been okay to use in Mexico.

Internet to the rescue

With the extensive use of internet in the past years, it has been more than easier to buy goods from the international market. In case, you think about it, the items you bought every day often come from various nations from all over the globe. This would be inclusive of things such as clothing, toiletries, cosmetics, medicines and food. However, for a health supplement, you would like it to be pharmaceutical grade. Therefore, you may want to avoid purchasing from some countries such as China.

This has been the case whether you have been buying items in a physical store or online. Simply because you purchased it in the US does not imply it was made there. Nonetheless, the ability to purchase on the internet has opened up even more options for purchasing things that you would not be able to purchase in a store in the US. The price has not been cheaper for Clen from the US. However, it could not be worth the lower cost.

Legal status of Clen

Some supplements, medications and drugs that have been either not readily available in the US or have been too expensive could be purchased online every day. Canada and Mexico have been common locations from which to order things such as Clen and other drugs. They offer more lenient regulation practices than the US and would often import their supplements along with prescription drugs to the US.