Phentermine and Topiramate – How do they work?

The two main ingredients Phentermine and Topiramate work to get the desired results. Phentermine is a hunger suppressant which starts to work immediately and reduces your appetite by releasing chemicals called norepinephrine in the brain which increase leptin, an appetite regulating hormone.On the other hand, Topiramate makes you feel full throughout the day. So, it acts in two ways, first makes you eat less by reducing your appetite and second makes you feel more satisfied with whatever you have eaten. This results in stopping food cravings and unnecessary eating extra food.

Phentermine has also, surprisingly, gained reasonable acceptance among medical circles. The reasons are not very difficult to decipher. As a prescription medication for those struggling with obesity and weight loss, it is a less radical alternative to surgery. It has also shown positive results if used under proper guidance, with diet, exercise and behavioral modification of lifestyle. Hence doctors continue to hold that it is necessary to balance the merits and the effects carefully so as to tailor the prescription to each patient’s need..

Weight loss should be evaluated after 12 weeks of using Phentermine. If there is no change or less change in the amount of weight lost, your doctor will either change the dose or the drug.

Phentermine/topiramate dosages will increase the blood levels. The side effects can lead to dizziness, tremors, headache, mood swings and increase in heart beat. Constant monitoring of the doctor is needed when the drugs are used.  Care must be taken when phentermine is used. Alcohol usage can increase the chances of cardiovascular issues and it can also lead to increased heart rate and blood pressure.

Dosage for phentamine

It most common dosage which is has to be followed is 37.5 because the variation of dosage may lead to addiction and also health complications may arise.

It is recommended that this drug causes insomnia, hence the capsules need to be taken 10 to 14 hours before bed time. So the ideal time would be one hour before breakfast.

Phentamine is usually prescribed to overweight individuals and good results have been procured in a short span of time. Overweight people are at the risk of type2 diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol. So it is a kind of boon for people who have real weight issues. Such kind of weight problem is known exogenous obesity.

This dosage of 37.5 with low calorie intake of food and a good exercise regimen will put you in a fast track mode of shedding weight thus gaining health, body and self confidence to up your quotient.

There are two popular brands available in the market adiprex-P 37.5 and suprenza 37.5 in 30mg capsules or 37.5mg.

The newer form of the drug is known as qsymia which is used for chronic weight loss issues. It is also found in 37.5mg capsule form for consumption.

Make sure to consume what calories your body needs.  The muscles need food for building and burning fat. Phentermine can help in controlling the food cravings and suppress hunger, but it is needed to be in Adipex diet for long time. To regain control on the health, one must make lifestyle change.